Favor Limited Warranty

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Coverage For Any Truck.

We’re so confident in the quality of vehicles available at SelecTrucks of Portland that we’re offering our FAVOR Limited Warranty on all qualifying heavy-duty trucks for up to 36 months or 300,000 miles. This warranty is administered through National Truck Protection (NTP), the leading independent used diesel engine warranty provider in North America.

The SelecTrucks FAVOR Limited Warranty covers many of your vehicle’s most critical and costly components. You choose the warranty that meets your needs, from FAVOR Gold 6/50 (6 months/50,000 miles) to FAVOR Platinum 36/300 (36 months/300,000 miles).

Every truck covered by FAVOR Limited Warranty has been thoroughly inspected, giving you peace of mind as you head down the road.

Favor Limited Warranty is available on all truck makes and models.