Electric Trucks Have Made Their First Appearance at McCoy Freightliner

Instant torque on demand and eerily quiet motors that you have to (not) hear to believe

Freightliner eCascadia with 53' Trailer
Freightliner eCascadia w/ 53' Trailer Entering Our Portland Dealership On Friday, April 16, 2021

Check out the trucks arriving at the Portland dealership and see under the hood of the new eCascadia and eM2.

Electric Heavy Duty Trucks Make Their Debut

While consumer level electric and hybrid cars have become the norm over the last decade, the heavy duty truck market is still relatively new in the electric vehicle space. Enter the eCascadia and eM2 as Freightliner’s introduction offering. They proudly wear the Freightliner badge that our customers have grown to rely on and have been quietly in development for several years.

We were happy to host them at our Portland dealership to let customers get an up close and personal look at these trucks! On April 16th and 19th we showcased the eCascadia and eM2 on the lot and turned quite a few heads when the hoods came up. Although these were both prototypes and not mass the mass production models slated for 2022, they still showed an incredible amount of pep in the limited test drives we were able to offer. These Detroit powertrains are excellent at cranking out power and generate instant torque that you definitely feel in your seat. With the motors mounted directly on the wheels or on the rear axle, the powertrain is extremely efficient at getting power to the ground.

Keep an eye out for future announcements about different available configurations with a variety motor, battery pack, cab, chassis, and axle options for various vocational and over the road applications.

Get more info about the lineup of Freightliner electric trucks and see what the future holds for integrating them into modern fleets.