Washington State Clean Truck Program Requirements.

By Jan. 1, 2019, all trucks serving Washington State international container terminals must have a 2007 (or newer) engine, or a certified equivalent emission control system. These requirements reduce diesel particulate matter emissions by up to 90 percent per truck.

Until then, every truck must meet the new standard or have an orange Temporary Access Pass sticker displayed on their driver-side door.

RFID tags will be required in both Seattle and Tacoma by the end of 2018. Stickers will no longer be used at the NWSA.

I have a 2007 truck – can I enter the ports?

After April 1, no. A 2007 model truck has a 2006 engine, which will not meet the requirements of the Clean Truck Program. The Clean Truck Program is tied to the engine year. If you have a 2007 truck with a 2006 engine, you will have to enroll in the Temporary Access Pass to be able to continue entering NWSA international container terminals until Dec. 31, 2018.