What’s the Deal with DPFs?

As technology moves forward, many truck owners have been forced to adapt to more complex systems. The after treatment system especially has caused many headaches for fleets and owner operators alike. These components can be very expensive to replace, leaving many asking “what’s the benefit?” While there has been research done to prove that there is indeed increased fuel economy benefits, the less owners have to pay out on the after treatment system, the more they can reap those benefits.

So how can owners save money on repairs? Drivers and owners need to understand how their after treatment devices work and how to maintain them. Maintenance intervals and frequency of regens vary by engine, application, and day to day operations. Because so many factors affect how long a DPF can operate effectively, it is hard to predict when it will start to have problems. Some things that should be done to help extend the life of a DPF, beyond completing regents as requested and following DPF maintenance intervals, are following the recommended service intervals for all air intake components (as these keep foreign materials from entering the engine and exhaust) and repairing oil and coolant leaks as soon as possible. At McCoy Freightliner, before selling used trucks we check for high idle time and run SCR Conversion tests to check for signs of low NOX efficiency in an effort to prevent unanticipated and expensive repair work after a purchase. We are here to answer your questions and advise you on your truck’s needs. We work closely with the service department to ensure your needs are met and questions are answered.

Why Switch to Automated?
Automated manual transmissions are becoming more popular. Some things to consider, in addition to increased fuel economy, are the lower maintenance costs. Fleets have noticed an overall decrease in down time after switching to AMTs due to fewer clutch and brake replacements, as well as fewer repairs that stem from the rattling and vibration that manual transmissions cause, which are less prevalent in AMT trucks.

Daimler Trucks Recertified (DTR) vehicles come with a one year engine, transmission, and differential warranty and more!

2014 Freightliner Cascadia
Evolution (DTR Program)
Detroit DD15 455 HP engine with Detroit
DT12 automated transmission

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